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Over 130 Lenders, Over 4,500 Product Options! Powered by the Fastest Growing No.1 Mortgage Brokerage in the US. Unbeatable interest rates. Core and Core Plus Specialty Programs.

At American Legacy Loans powered by Nexa, we lend in 48+ States with a special focus on the local Texas market.
Our mission is to provide our Partners and Clients with the most diverse wholesale lending portfolio and unrivaled support in the mortgage and loan community.

WHY Clients choose us


Enriched and Devoted, Client Focused Customer Service. The majority of our Business comes through Client Referrals and Recommendations. We are focused on Saving You, Your Dear Family, and Friends the Most Money possible through the Best Rates and Programs whilst offering you an Exceptional Service synchronous to being your One Stop No.1 Mortgage and Loan Brokerage for Life!


Our WHOLESALE Mortgage and Loan Programs are not available through any other Lenders or Brokers. We have specialty programs and products with each lender at special wholesale prices, specifically available due to our repeat, high level of business and market share of successfully satisfied and closed clients. We are currently ranked the Fastest Growing No.1 Mortgage Broker in the US. Our purpose is to grow and succeed by saving you money and providing you with a service which you can trust and recommend to others for several years to come.

Services and Programs


  • Unbeatable Wholesale Interest Rates and Programs.
  • Over 130 panel of lenders with over 4,500 products.
  • Core and Core Plus Including Rare Speciality Programs and Products.
  • Residential First Time Home Buyer Programs, FHA, VA, Conventional, Non-Conforming Loans, Jumbo Loans.
  • Refinance, Cash Out Loans
  • Reverse Mortgage Loans
  • Foreign National Mortgage Loans
  • ITIN Loans, Bank Statement Loans
  • DSCR Loans (No Docs)
  • Investment Loans.


  • Bank Statement Loans
  • DSCR Loans (No Docs)
  • Investment Loans, Commercial Real Estate Loans
  • Rental Property Loans, Land Acquisition, Land Development Loans
  • One Time Close Loans, Rehabilitation, Redevelopment or Repositioning to Multifamily Project Loans
  • Capital Equipment, Capital Expenditure, Financing, Bridge Loans
  • Construction Loans, Multi Family Real Estate Loans
  • Hard Money Loans.
  • Real Estate Portfolio Loans, , Rare speciality wholesale products not available through any other lenders or brokers.

Credit Improvements & Pre-Approvals

  • We work with you and suggest avenues for assisting you towards eligibility on certain products and programs to purchase your new home.
  • We can provide suggestions on improving your credit score and debt to income ratio’s.
  • We can also recommend products and programs currently available in the industry suited to your own personal circumstances.
  • We issue letters of Pre-Approval conducted on a Personal Risk Based Assessment so you can have the peace of mind and knowledge to be able to move forward confidently by changing your dreams into reality and building your Legacy.